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Who We Are

My name is Angela Kunz and I am proud to introduce you to Grateful Grind, a female-owned business that thrives by the principles:

  • Live your best life

  • Love the life you live

  • Always, always be grateful!


Read more about who we are below.

Born of a Vision

A female-owned business, born of a dream

Coming from a background in social work, I learned how important it was that everyone have a place they feel nourished physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why we craft everything we make with a careful consciousness.

Professionally Trained Chef

Treating each flavor combination as a Zen experience

Grateful Grind is very fortunate to have access to a professionally trained Chef. This allows recipes and product to be high quality and uniquely our own.  

Roots in Music Festivals

Each summer we nourish our own minds, bodies, and souls through music

Grateful Grind travels to several music festivals every year during the summer serving our wonderful coffee, smoothies, and finger foods, keep an eye on the festival food vendor line-up and make sure to come see us if you do.

Weekend Market
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